What is so captivating about Lublin? Get to know the nooks that are worth visiting!

Lublin is a place rich in history, a spectrum of remarkable events, charming nooks and amazing people. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland, dating back to the 3rd century BC when the first settlement took place and Lublin became a proliferating city. Lublin obtained its municipal laws at the beginning of the 14th century and from then on it is one of he biggest cities in our country.


Beautifully preserved monuments- a great architectural heritage invites the visitors to this extraordinary and diverse world where different cultures- Jewish, Christian and Protestant-  live in harmony. This majestic mosaic makes Lublin a city one of its kind, which can easily compete with other great cities all over Europe and the world.


Historically important places that are worth seeing.


Coming to this city it is impossible not get impressed by the well preserved monuments, restored tenements or the plentitude of greenery and parks surrounding it. The most important part of the city is Lublin’s Old Town, full of amazing attractions, magical nooks and special atmosphere. Another interesting thing is a heritage trail which allows to familiarise yourself with an rich history of Lublin.


Due to Lublin’s multiculturalism, the city is full of diverse architecture, interesting mixture of different styles and the climate which makes everyone feel special. While visiting Lublin, you should pay special attention to the following places:


Lublin Castle - very characteristic and startling castle. In the 12th century it was still a wooden structure. The person who turned it into what it is now is Kazimierz Wielki. This place, once frequently visited by kings, served as a prison for some time in the 19th century. Nowadays, the castle houses the Museum of Lublin.


The Old Town - it is a place that cannot be ignored. Surrounded by astonishing tenements, it is one of the best preserved old towns in Poland. A beautiful symbol of Lublin - Kraków Gate - invites our guests to the old town. It connects The Old Town with The Midtown. As a part of Lublin’s fortification it is turned into The Museum of Lublin’s History. Near The Kraków Gate, there is also The Grodzka Gate which used to be the main entrance to the city in the 14th century and Rybna Gate which dates back to the 15th century and leads straight to Rybny Square.


Trinitarian Tower - It is 64 meters high and therefore it is definitely the highest architectural monument in Lublin. It is a very interesting spot that overlooks the whole city.


An extraordinary building worth visiting not only for the performances, is The Old Theatre, which id the oldest landmark of this kind in Poland, dating back to 1822.


Basilica of the Dominican Friars together with the prior are the extraordinary monument founded in the 14th century. It used to be a place where many thanksgiving services took place. It serves as a remembrance of the times of the Polish - Lithuanian Union. It will be an important place to visit for people who value the sacred buildings which played a significant role in the history of Poland.


Po Farze Square is a place strongly connected with a legend about Leszek Czarny’s dream. It is set on a reconstructed foundation of the church which used to be located here is the 13th century. It was one of the most important places of religious cult in Lublin.


Among the places worth seeing while walking through Lublin one has to advert numerous museum with the variety of exhibits. The most well known are:


Museum of Lublin- previously mentioned museum is one of the most popular museums in town because of its location in the castle- close to the Old Town. One cannot be disappointed for the museum is a place where we can visit the Gothic Chapel of the Holy Trinity and the Bastille.


The Museum of Martyrdom ‘Pod Zegarem’ is a perfect place for the enthusiasts of the history. Located in a building which used to be the Gespapo’s prison, it has a great collection of documents and records that describe the German politics and attitudes towards people living in this territory.


Archdiocesan Museum located in The Trinitarian Tower, holds a comprehensive collection of religious exhibits for instance paintings, icons, sculptures, musical instruments and many more.


Another interesting museum in Lublin is KUL’s Museum of History which tells the story of one of the biggest universities in our country. It is located in the old canteen and therefore allows the visitors to feel the atmosphere of that times. While visiting universities of Lublin it is worth to see Jewish Jasziwa- the university of the wisest man from Lublin. The school functioned in Lublin from 1930 to 1939.


For those who love meetings with history, Lublin Village Museum will be the perfect place. This pen-air museum is a rural idyll, a place full of folk art where one can have an impression that the time has stopped.


Amongst other museums that are worth recommending one might find The National Museum of Majdanek located in the Geraman-Nazi concentration camp. Piwnica pod Fortuną which is full of interesting exhibitions, has its own winery and is located in the famous tenement that used to belong to the family of Lubomelscy.


For those people who look for original places there is Lublin Underground Trail. It consists of 300 meters of corridors located under the Old Town. The space served as basements for storing merchant goods as in the 16th century Lublin was considered one of the most important trade centres.


What’s so charming about Lublin?


Apart from the rich history and its still apparent presence nowadays, Lublin has a lot more to offer. Tourists may find lots of attractions here which will allow them to spend quality time in our city.


One of the most interesting places is the charming Botanical Garden. It is located in the Sławin district and consists of over 6500 plant species with lots of impressive trees among which some are over a hundred years old.


Lake Zemborzycki is another place where one can get to know the amazing nature of our region. A huge water reservoir is a place where people gather in order to actively spend time close to the nature. It is possible only due to perfectly organised infrastructure. Among the popular past time activities there are riding bikes, fishing or long walks in the woods located nearby. One may find swimming pools, water skis cableway and nautical centre.


Ludowy Park is a perfect place for active recreation. In consists of the Olympic swimming pool and hosts many important festivals, for instance Carnaval Sztukmistrzów. It is a very important elements of Lublin’s ecological structure for it is full of greenery, beautiful plants and animals who live there.


One can be surprised by the amount of cultural events happening in Lublin. The city is well known for organising many festivals and events of all sorts. Each and every year, people from all over the world come to our city to take part in concerts, events, meetings or to see extraordinary plays. The variety of places to visit and things to do in Lublin makes it impossible to get bored in here. Therefore, Lublin can easily be seen as one of the most attractive places in Europe.


Accommodation in Lublin - why is it worth to stay in the Old Town?


The Old Town in the most charming district in Lublin, that is why it is the most attractive place to stay in our city. A beautiful setting and the proximity of all the important places in Lublin make it a perfect choice for those who choose to stay here.


Accommodation in the heart of the city gives one the opportunity to experience the  closeness to the extraordinary architectural gems, amazing monuments, interesting nooks, lively city centre with  the best pubs, restaurants, cafes and clubs. What is also important, the Old Town and the city centre can easily be explored on foot. Nevertheless, the bus station and the train station are both located in the close distance from The Old Town.


Choosing to book an accommodation in the Old Town one finds himself in a strategically perfect place for sightseeing and exploring the city and its surroundings. The Old Town itself is an ideal place for those who look for something extraordinary, where walking through cobbled streets amid the amazing tenements is available at  any time without the necessity to commute.


Amongst the most interesting attractions available in the area of the Old Town there are:


•   The remaining of the Lublin’s wall- Krakowska Gate and Grodzka Gate

•   The old Town Hall- The Crown Tribunal which is located in the very heart of the Old Town

•   Baroque Archcathedral and Trinitarian Tower

•   The Misery Stone- just behind the Trinitarian Tower, on Jezuicka Street

•   Basilica of the Dominican Friars

•   Piwnica pod Fortuną- the baroque winery located in a basements of the tenement

•   The Old Theatre- one of the oldest buildings in Poland

•   Po Farze Square where one can find the remaining of the parish church

•   Łokietka Square which is the central point in the city and an amazing meeting spot

•   The Castle located on the hill nearby the Old Town


The heart of Lublin is a calm and peaceful place where one can easily forget about the hustle and bustle of the everyday life. The surrounding of the old buildings makes is easy to forget that one is actually in the city centre of a quite busy city.


A huge advantage of staying in the Old Town is the proximity of all the important places in the city. One can explore the area on foot. Cinemas, theatres, concert halls and even the gym are just around the corner. Everyone can find something for themselves.


Lublin’s rich cultural life encourages people to come visit. Various events and festivals take place in the area of the Old Town and its surroundings. Therefore, the accommodation there allows one to easily participate in the events that bring people from all over the world to Lublin.