What to do in Lublin during the Christmas and New Year period?

Christmas is a beautiful period that spends with family and loved ones. It is a time of sweet laziness, peace and tranquility. Increasingly, it is also the time of trips and learning about new places. One of them may be Lublin - a city that has much to offer during the Christmas and New Year period.

The old town of Lublin

Lublin is a city located in eastern Poland in a very picturesque area between the Central European Lowland and the Polish Uplands. Anyone who is hungry for the wonders of nature will not be disappointed after visiting this beautiful city. An additional attraction is to choose accommodation in one of the city's most atmospheric hotels - in the Musicians' House. What makes this place so special?

Spending time in the Musicians' House you can also learn about the history of Lublin and its inhabitants. The history of the place dates back to very distant times, because until 1317 and is associated with the person of Jan, music and composer, thanks to which the tenement house is called the Musicians' House. The building has been restored and is now an architectural pearl. Those who decide to spend the Christmas and New Year period in this place must therefore reckon with the fact that ... they will not leave their room. Each of them has been designed in the only unique style: art deco or Art Nouveau. This is a real treat for everyone who appreciates the atmospheric, period-related decor. Rooms in the attic are also very popular - a cozy and warm interior where rest is a pleasure!

During the holiday season, Lublin has many attractions to offer during the Christmas Festival in the city. The program includes attractions such as festive concerts, film screenings, and workshops for children. A family atmosphere guaranteed!

The Musicians House can also be a great starting point - because it is located in the city center, practically all of Lublin's sights are within easy reach! It is worth going to the Lublin Castle, admire the Teatr im. Juliusz Osterwa, and also take a stroll around probably the most beautiful horse runner in the country. Numerous cafes and gardens will be breathtaking!

Supporters of outdoor activities and walks must necessarily go to the Lublin Old Town. For history enthusiasts, there is the Krakow Gate waiting for it, which is the remains of the 14th century defensive walls! You can admire the beautiful view of the whole city after climbing the Trinitarian Tower - the highest viewing point of Lublin. This year, an unusual attraction will be the welcome of the New Year on the square in front of the Center for the Meeting of Cultures - it will play many local artists, including Sufler's booth famous for such iconic songs as "For the Last Penny", "Jolka, Jolka", "Such Tango". There will also be a fireworks display, of course. Everything as part of the Sylwester Miejski event.

After a fascinating tour of the city, everyone will certainly get hungry. You can go boldly back to the Musicians' House for dinner at the restaurant "16 Stołów". The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the house. Its biggest advantage is serving dishes characteristic for the region. The menu also includes modern dishes and delicious wine. Exquisitely presented dishes and the amazing atmosphere of the restaurant will make everyone regain their strength very quickly so that they can continue their amazing adventure with Lublin.

An evening stroll around Lublin's old town is a must for the program. There is a completely different climate here than during the day - it is more mysterious, climatic. You can feel like in the days of kings and princes staying in this city.

Lublin - accommodation with breakfast

Another, new day is worth starting with ... a delicious breakfast, because as you know it's the most important meal of the day! And in this case, the restaurant "16 Stołów" will delight the diversity of the menu. After breakfast, ask the hotel staff about what to see in Lublin and the surrounding area.

The House of Musicians during the Christmas and New Year is the perfect place to relax, calm down, visit the nearby monuments, but also to spend time spending time with your loved ones.

In the Musicians' House, many amenities await guests: free wi-fi, private parking, hotel service that will perform any service: from ironing, laundry or taxi order. All this so that hotel guests can concentrate only on rest and play.

Lublin is probably one of the best places where you can relax and explore at the same time. Booking a room at the Musicians' House allows you to do both of these things.