Attractions in lublin

In Lublin, you can find monuments and buildings from different eras, which makes the city an extraordinary treat for all enthusiasts of historical places. The historic architecture of the city focuses primarily on the area of ​​the Old Town and the city center, but also outside this area you can find many traces of the past and beautiful attractions - old tenement houses, remains of walls and many others.

While staying in Lublin, it is impossible not to see the royal castle from the 12th century, in which the seat of the Lublin Museum is currently located. During the whole year there are interesting exhibitions of famous artists, recently Beksiński, which attract crowds of visitors. A beautiful place in Lublin is also the Theater. Juliusz Osterwa, as well as many historic churches - for example, the Church of St. Józefa at ul. Świętoduska.

Recommended places to visit in Lublin include, among others, the Museum of the Lublin Village (open-air museum), the city park - the Saxon Garden, as well as the former German concentration camp at Majdanek. It is also worth visiting the Lublin Botanical Garden.

Since June 2017, the center of Lublin has been beautifying the newly renovated Lithuanian Square, which is a meeting place for local residents and tourists, as well as the beginning of a walk through Krakowskie Przedmieście, an urban promenade. On some evenings you can admire multimedia shows of a modern fountain, which also during the day impresses with its vastness and performance.

In Lublin there are also many cultural events and events. Noteworthy is the annual Culture Night, which takes place in June. During this weekend Lublin turns into an extremely colorful and crowded city. On the promenade and charming streets in the center, interesting installations of artists appear (for example, balloons suspended at height, flower rugs and dream catchers). In the Culture Night you can also admire many interesting local happenings as well as visiting artists - among others in the city center you can see acrobatics and dance with fire, see performances or reconstructions of historical events important for the Lublin region. At the end of July, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is also held, which is a celebration of a modern circus. For the weekend, the power over the city is taken over by artists, circus performers, jugglers and acrobats who delight the audience with their performances and tricks.

On Krakowskie Przedmiescie you can find many charming pubs and bars where good food is served - both local delicacies, such as Lublin onion with poppy seeds or forszmak, as well as American cuisine, such as tasty burgers. In the premises you can also find many different types of alcohol, including popular drinks, as well as beers from local breweries, which can not be purchased anywhere else.

Thanks to all these attractions and interesting places, Lublin enjoys increasing popularity among visitors and tourists. Many people come here for trips or longer stays, to get to know mysterious corners and visit famous places and monuments.