Kamienica Muzyków

Probably the best apartments for rent in Lublin

Beautifully restored seventeenth century tenement
with charming Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts design.


Apartments for rent in the old town Lublin in city center

We would like to encourage you to get to know the unique story

of the tenement located in the Lublin’s old town and its residents.



The history of the building dated back to 1317. One of the most important people associated with the tenement was Jan from Lublin who was a musician and composer. In 1540 he created a famous tablature which is the greatest collection of renaissance music in Europe. The tenement owes its name to him for up to this day it is known as “The Musicians’ House” (“Kamienica Muzyków”).  If you want to know more about the tenement please click on the pictures below.







Double room apartment up to four people with the view over the Market Square


Double room apartment up to four people with the view over the Market Square


Comfortable double room apartment up to four people with the view over the Old Town


Cosy studio apartment up to four people with the view over the Market Square


Comfortable double room apartment up to five people with the view over the Old Town


Cosy studio apartment up to four people with the view over the Old Town



In our hotel we serve delicious, regional breakfasts. All dishes are prepared in restaurant 16 Stołów, which is located on the ground floor of the same building. Our breakfasts are based on traditionals tastes of Lublin. Our bed and breakfast Lublin offer will provide you a perfect day.



Our guests can use a free wifi connections on the entire property. Our customers and also restaurant’s guests can use Internet connection without any time limits. We also encourage you to reserve our apartments in Lublin online, on our website or Facebook profile. Thank you.

Located in

city center

Tenement house is situated in the heart of Lublin: on the old town square, which is full of life during the days and evenings. Accommodation in Lublin are very good place to start a trip to anywhere in the Lublin region.



Kamienica Muzyków offers hotel service to every guest, so in our apartments Lublin you can request washing, ironing, call a taxi or order fresh flowers. We try to meet all the requirements of our customers.



16 Stołów is really nice and elegant restaurant which is serving delicious regional cuisine. Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the same building, so you can have accommodation in the old town in lublin and delicious foof in one place. For more details you can visit

Parking lot included

in price

All hotel guests can use the parking located near to the apartments in the old town Lublin. There is a private paid parking located 100 meters and a public one located about 50 meters from the building.



Kamienica Muzyków apartaments is located near to the biggest attractions in Lublin: Royal Castle, theater name Juliusz Osterwa and a beautiful promenadę with lovely pubs and beer gardens. In the old town we can see historical cathedra, wedding palace and have a rest in one of many regional restaurants or pubs.



Kamienica Muzyków offers apartments for rent Lublin which you can reserve on-line. All you have to do is to complete the form on our website or visit our Facebook profile. Please provide us with you journey time and we will book a cozy apartment for these days.

Cultural events

in Lublin

Sightseeing Lublin is not only exploring Old City monuments and trying the regional cuisine dishes. Accomodation in Lublin in Kamienica Muzyków is a very good way to take part in cultural events like: Legend Festival Lublin, Night of Culture and Inne Brzmienia festival.



Apartments for rent in Lublin old town are an ideal base for exploring the whole region and there are many attractions nearby. There is also a bus station where you can go to visit the larger area of the region.


Hotel apartments are an ideal solution for people who appreciate prestige and a sense of luxury. In our apartments we have taken care of every detail so that each of our clients felt comfortable.

Apartments for rent Lublin
Kamienica Muzyków

Accommodation in Lublin

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tel. +48 500 727 555

What to do in Lublin during

the Christmas and New Year period?

Christmas is a beautiful period that spends with family and loved ones. It is a time of sweet laziness, peace and tranquility. Increasingly, it is also the time of trips and learning about new places. One of them may be Lublin - a city that has much to offer during the Christmas and New Year period.

What is so captivating about Lublin? Get to

know the nooks that are worth visiting!

Lublin is a place rich in history, a spectrum of remarkable events, charming nooks and amazing people.

Attractions in


Lublin is the capital of the Lublin province and the largest city located in Poland on the eastern side of the Vistula. You can find here many interesting places and monuments, which encourages locals and tourists to visit the city and its surroundings.



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Come to Lublin

for the festival

Lublin is a vibrant city. Each month brings new events.

Festival of

Lublin Legends

In 2015, the Musicians' Apartment Apartments joined the organization of the first Lublin Legend Festival.